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Best Beginnings Parent Handouts (2nd Edition)

Best Beginnings Parent Handouts (2nd Edition)
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Brenda Hussey-Gardner, Ph.D., M.P.H.
2015. 8.5x11 binder, 244 pages;
All new 2nd Edition helps you provide effective guidance to parents of children birth-3 years.

Best Beginnings Parent Handouts (2nd Edition) is a binder of entirely new, warm, reproducible handouts that you use to provide effective guidance to parents of children birth-3 years.
Best Beginnings Parent Handouts fosters your ability to provide comprehensive, family-centered, individualized developmental guidance to families. The handouts contain information for families that address child development issues in each of the five developmental domains: adaptive (self-help), cognition (thinking), fine motor, gross motor, language, and social-emotional. It also addresses issues related to feeding, sleeping, guiding behavior, and toilet training. The Best Beginnings Parent Handouts can be used in collaboration with the screening tools, assessment instruments and curriculum used by your program. The handouts are intended to help you, the professional, provide the best possible guidance to families.

Best Beginnings Parent Handouts (2nd Edition) can be used by any professional who works with parents of infants and toddlers; this includes (but is not limited to) early interventionists, service coordinators, therapists, pediatricians, family practice physicians, home visitors, nurses, social workers, childcare teachers, and preschool teachers. Utilizing the developmental screening protocol, assessment instrument or curriculum of your choice, you identify and target areas for developmental guidance. Secondly, as target areas are identified, you provide verbal information and handouts to address the needs of the family.

The Best Beginnings Parent Handouts are easy to understand, comprehensive, and informative. They contain important information and insights on a variety of topics to help parents better understand the issue or concept. The handouts also contain activities and suggestions that parents can implement to foster their child's development. Safety notes are imbedded in the handouts to help ensure safe implementation of recommendations. In addition, Appendix A provides a seven-page handout on general safety tips that you can give to the families with whom you work.

Parent handouts are presented in a format to facilitate easy copying. The handouts are grouped according to domain or topic and then by approximate age. Each handout page is identified in two ways: topic code and page number. The topic code contains letters and numbers. The letters represent the overall theme being addressed and the numbers indicate the number of times this theme has been addressed to that point. The topic code A6, for example, indicates that this is the sixth Adaptive topic addressed in the Best Beginnings binder of handouts. Topic codes appear on the side of each page. The key for the topic codes is presented below. In addition to topic codes, handouts are identified by their page number. Page numbers appear at the bottom of each handout.

Quotes from Users:
"All daycares should use Best Beginnings. It gives a personal touch with parents'a plus for business. Best Beginnings taught me so much! Now I can use the ideas in my center and share them with the parents."
—Daycare Proprietor

"An invaluable system for professionals in Early Childhood programs (Early Head Start, Parents as Teachers, Early Intervention) who work closely with families so they can better support these families in acquiring knowledge about child development and parenting."
—EC Program Coordinator
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