HELP Family-Centered Interview

HELP Family-Centered Interview
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Stephanie Parks Warshaw, M.A.
1994-2006. 8.5x11, 8 pages.

The HELP Family-Centered Interview is an eight-page booklet that provides a flexible and meaningful framework for conducting a routines based, family-centered assessment. The Interview builds upon everyday routines and is linked by Strand ID numbers to Inside HELP and the HELP 0-3 Strands.

  • Routines-based design facilitates the HELP 0-3 family-centered curriculum based assessment process.
  • Helps inform and guide where to “begin” on the HELP Strands.
  • Simple format keeps you focused on identifying family-centered concerns, priorities, and resources as they relate to their child’s development.
  • Includes questions that help guide and inform family preferences for assessment and intervention with their child.
  • Open-ended question format helps guide and inform functional outcomes for planning meaningful interventions.
  • Questions link directly to the Strands in Inside HELP and HELP Strands.

Reviews/Quotes from Users:
". . . a strong illustration of ...honoring of parent information and preferences..."
—LINKing Assessment and Early Intervention

"… I am a long time user of Inside HELP and the Strands but I did not realize this wonderful interview existed–thank you!"
—School Psychologist, Regional Early Intervention Program
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Best Beginnings Parent Handouts (2nd Edition)