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What are the Benefits of HELP?

HELP is widely recognized as a comprehensive, on-going, family centered curriculum based assessment process for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and their families.

Benefits include:
  • Comprehensive framework: HELP 0-3, covers 685 and HELP 3-6 covers 622 developmental skills and behaviors to provide a comprehensive framework for ongoing assessment, planning and tracking progress.
  • HELP domains include Cognitive, Language, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Social-Emotional, and Self-Help.
  • Supports Federal Requirements for Part C, of IDEA, and, Early Head Start programs.
  • Aligned with Federal performance measures: HELP domains and Strands are aligned with OSEP outcomes and Head Start five essential domains and school readiness goals.
  • Links assessment with curriculum: HELP products include a variety of assessment options and curriculum materials. They are cross-referenced through skill ID #'s for easy linking between assessment and curriculum materials.
  • Authentic Assessment and Intervention: HELP 0-3 assessment procedures and curriculum activities focus upon everyday routine “observational opportunities” within the child’s natural environments using toys, materials, and activities that are meaningful to each child and their family.
  • Training: HELP 0-3 Training options to match you needs: Online course through University of Kentucky, Verified HELP Trainers, and Learning HELP 0-3.
  • Program support: Ask the Author and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Data Reporting for Early Head Start: Comprehensive progress reporting system through KinderCharts measures developmental progress in essential domains and school readiness goals. Learn more.
  • Cost: HELP offers the best breadth and depth of content at the lowest cost.
Reviews and Comments from Users:

"If you like HELP 0-3, you will love the new HELP 3-6."
—Assessment Training Specialist

"We've been using HELP 0-3 and are very pleased with HELP 3-6."
—Coordinator, Head Start

"...HELP is a remarkable set of resources...complete and comprehensive...The most widely used of these [curriculum-based assessments] is the HELP Curriculum:"
—LINKing Assessment and Early Intervention

"...(one) of the most typically used instruments (is) the Hawaii Early Learning Profile (HELP)."
—Meeting Early Intervention Challenges

"The HELP (Hawaii) system has no equals when it comes to comprehensive assessment and intervention."
—Coordinator, ECH Program

"I recently starting using the HELP more often after being extremely frustrated with traditional cognitive assessments. I was able to clearly explain the results during the team meeting. HELP provides much more useful information to parents and teachers."
—School Psychologist