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HELP 0-3 Training Options

Please Note: Contact us if you have any questions regarding any of these HELP training options.
Some websites are providing inaccuate information on the purpose and use of HELP. The only verified HELP 0-3 training options are listed below.

Virtual and Onsite:
The National Verified HELPĀ® 0-3 Trainer, Amy Cocorikis, provides the "gold standard" for HELP 0-3 virtual and onsite live interactive training. Amy is an independent contractor who tailors a HELP 0-3 training plan (agenda, process, cost, etc.) to your priorities and needs.
Amy Cocorikis
National Verified HELP 0-3 Trainer
Developmental Pediatric Consultant
Contact Amy at: amycocorikis@outlook.com / (815) 954-1686
Amy's website: Care Consulting

Author Support:
Stephanie Warshaw (HELP 0-3 author) can be available to provide complimentary Q & A, consultations, and an introduction to HELP 0-3 via Zoom meetings.
Contact Stephanie at: helpanswers@gmail.com

Additional HELP 0-3 Training/Support links:

HELP 0-3 Facebook page with many excellent tips and ideas shared among HELP 0-3 users across the world.

KinderCharts Progress tracking system for HELP 0-3. (available for Early Intervention and Head Start)

University of Kentucky Self-paced online training module.