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Customer Service

"No Questions" Product Guarantee:

For sales within the U.S., all VORT print products carry a 30-day "No questions" guarantee. If our product does not meet your needs, you can return it for any reason. See "Returning Products" for more information.

Ordering Terms

Placing Your Order: [Top]
For orders to be shipped inside the U.S., you can order here on our online store, or by fax or phone, or you can mail your order to us (pre-paid or using a signed PO).
For orders placed from outside the U.S. or to be shipped outside the U.S., please follow the "Non-U.S. Orders" steps outlined below so that we may calculate shipping/delivery costs and get your approval before shipping.
  • Many VORT products have similar titles (e.g., #158, #158-U, #158-P). Be sure to identify products by number and the title and price.
  • Select US Mail or UPS shipment (UPS requires a street address).
  • The best way to expedite your order is to order online, or fax us an official signed Purchase Order, or fax us an Order Form with your credit card information.
  • Orders from individuals must be prepaid by either check or credit card. Orders from organization must be prepaid or accompanied by a signed Purchase Order.
  • If your BillTo address is different from the ShipTo, clearly specify these addresses on your order/PO. We need both BillTo and ShipTo for all orders, even if you already have an account with VORT.
  • Be sure to include your email address, and your child-development-related professional job title/position.
  • Shipping/delivery charges apply to all orders (see below under Shipping and Delivery).
Rush Orders (U.S. Only): (see below under Shipping and Delivery).

Non-U.S. Orders: Our online store accepts only U.S.-issued credit cards. VORT requires that purchases for use outside the U.S. first receive written authorization from VORT. This will require the purchaser to specify the end user's name, child development credentials, agency, and written agreement not to copy of translate materials in any form or manner.
For non-U.S. orders, which must be prepaid, please follow these steps:
1. Place the order: Print and complete our Order Form (write clearly in black ink; minimum order US$50.00) and fax or mail it. Do not include payment or credit card information. You must include your email address and your specific job Title/Agency (HELP, BCP, UMS materials are not sold directly to parents).
2. Get the Total cost: As soon as we receive your Order Form, we will email back to you the shipping/delivery charges and a Total Amount (US$).
3. Approve and pay: If the Total amount meets with your approval, you can then fax us your credit card information (650-327-0747) or mail a check payable to VORT Corporation (in U.S. dollars on a U.S. bank draft, or an International Money Order in U.S. dollars). Do Not email credit card information. Please note, we can accept Wire Transfers but due to bank fees (at both ends), US$50.00 would have to be added to the order Total, and such transfers must be made in U.S. dollars.
4. See "Important Notes" below (specifically about copying or translating materials).
All non-U.S. orders are shipped via U.S. Mail Priority-International which takes 8-12 days.

Important Notes:
  1. Credit card information should not be emailed;
  2. VORT publications and materials may Not be copied or translated in any form or manner. By placing an order with VORT you agree to this and all Terms of Purchase stated on the VORT.com website.
  3. Upon receipt of your order: Inspect your shipment carefully. Make sure you have received all the items you ordered. If you find any problems or discrepancies with your order, please call us promptly. We can replace missing or damaged items only if we are notified (within 15 days) of your receipt of the shipment.

Prices are effective January 23, 2020, and subject to change without notice. We strive to keep our prices low and do so by processing most orders directly through this online store.

Vendor Forms:
VORT is able to maintain low prices by adhering to a web-based order-placement workflow. Any required extra steps outside this workflow, such as a Request for Quotation, or extra Vendor Registration Forms / Packet, may incur a one-time fee of up to $50.00 added to the shipping/delivery charge on the next order. Our W-9 form can be downloaded: here.

Quotes / Proforma Invoices:
All VORT website/store prices are current and can be used for a quote. If you require a Formal Quote, an additional $25 will be added to the order as part of Shipping/Delivery. If you require a Proforma Invoice before payment, an additional $50 will be added to the order as part of Shipping/Delivery.
  • Minimum order (before shipping/delivery/taxes) is $20.00
  • Online orders must be prepaid using a credit card.
  • Telephone orders must be prepaid using a credit card.
  • Faxed or mailed orders must be prepaid via check or credit card, or include a signed Purchase Order.
  • All prices, including shipping and delivery, are in U.S. Dollars.
  • Foreign orders must be prepaid in U.S. dollars on a U.S. bank draft/credit card.
  • If using a credit card, we accept only VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.
  • Payment terms are Net 30; FOB Rancho Cordova, CA.
  • A finance charge of 1.0 % monthly may be added to past due accounts.

Shipping and Delivery: [Top]
Shipping/delivery charges apply to all orders. All orders ship from our warehouse Monday-Friday within 48 hours after you place your order. See below for time in transit (the time it takes after the order leaves our warehouse). Our standard shipping and delivery is charged on all orders (including prepaid orders). We ship FOB our warehouse per the following rates (we do not use customer freight/UPS accounts). Scroll down to see Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Foreign shipping options.
  • Using customer's FedEx, UPS Account - we add 7.5% for fulfillment charges ($2.50 minimum).
  • Media Mail (within the continental U.S.) - 10% of subtotal or minimum of $8.50-whichever is greater; [allow 2-4 days (West Coast) and 4-8 days (East Coast) for time in transit].
    If you require UPS or RUSH shipping, please place your order using USPS, then call us to upgrade the shipping method (650-322-8282). Be sure to have your Order# and credit card information available.
    • UPS Ground (within the U.S.) - 12% of subtotal or minimum of $10.00 – whichever is greater; [allow 2-3 business days (West Coast) and 6-7 business days (East Coast) for time in transit].
    • Rush Orders (U.S. Only): ALL rush orders must be called in prior to 11AM (Calif time) for shipment that day. Note: Shipping/delivery charges on Rush orders cannot be refunded if the order is returned. Rush delivery is via UPS and available only Monday-Friday (weekend deliveries are not available).
  • Hawaii and Alaska orders are shipped only via U.S. Mail (UPS is not available if even selected on our web store) – 12% of subtotal or minimum of $10.00 – whichever is greater [allow 10-12 business days for time in transit].
  • Canada - 20% of subtotal or minimum of $15.00-which is greater; [allow 2-3 weeks]. See note above regarding Non-U.S. Orders. We prefer that you order directly from our Canadian distributor Parentbooks
  • Foreign - email or call for a ProForma. See instructions above regarding Non-U.S. Orders.

Returning Products: [Top]
For all sales within the U.S., if a print product does not meet your needs, you may return it for any reason whatsoever within 30 days of the invoice date. Important: First call VORT to secure a Return Materials Authorization Number (RMA#) before returning any materials. This return policy does not apply to digital products such as Best Beginnings PDF, or to subscriptions for VORT's digital services such as HELP Online and BCP Online.

Returns must be received at the VORT warehouse within 15 days of the date the RMA was issued (postage paid by customer and materials received at the VORT warehouse in original, salable and undamaged condition). We cannot be responsible for returns we do not receive, so for tracking and return delivery, it is best to send materials back via UPS. VORT charges a 10% re-stocking fee for all returns from bookstores and for large orders. Shipping/delivery charges are not refunded for large or rush orders, or for partial returns.

For proper credit, be sure to include with the return VORT's invoice number and RMA#, the product number(s), and quantities when making the return. We will issue credit or send a refund (whichever applies) within 30 days after a return has been received at our warehouse (in saleable condition).

Send ALL returns to the following address (with the RMA#):
VORT Corporation--"Returns" [RMA#]
MSI Fulfillment Center
2645 Mercantile Drive. Suite D
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
Previewing Products (Samples): [Top]
To provide you with the opportunity to preview our materials, we ship all our products with a 30-day return guarantee. We do not normally provide "sample" or "preview" or "comp" or "desk" copies, but we will be pleased to ship you materials as an invoiced order. If the materials do not meet your needs for any reason, you may return them and we will credit/cancel the invoice. We have found this is the most effective way to track and maintain control of the "preview" process. Samples pages are shown on our website for each respective product. Please call us with any questions.