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What to Buy

First, a Thank You note: We sincerely appreciate your purchase of materials in the approximate quantities shown (for each child you serve, and for staff). Respecting our copyrights ensures that we can continue to update and provide our practical tools in support of your service to children and their families.
We extend a sincere "Thank You" to our loyal customers.

Warm booklet to help parents understand their infant's signals:
Understanding My Signals  (order one per family)

*Required to use HELP 0-3 as an on-going, family-centered, curriculum based assessment process:

* Inside HELP, Administration Manual  (order one per staff)
Linked directly to framework of HELP Strands 0-3. Includes assessment information for all HELP 0-3 skills.

* HELP Strands 0-3 or HELP Strands 0-3 Plus   (order one per child)
On-going assessment booklet with HELP 0-3 skills sorted into conceptually based Strands and brief definitions. Use to record observations and information from multiple sources. Links directly to Inside HELP.

* HELP at Home 0-3 (2nd Ed.)  (order one or more per program site)
Routines- and relationship-based curriculum. Reproducible hand-outs for families; information and guidance for staff. Linked directly to all HELP 0-3 products. English and Spanish.

Additional popular HELP 0-3 linked resources — Linked to all HELP 0-3 Products

HELP Family-Centered Interview 0-3  (order one per child)
Routines-based, family centered interview to help assess developmental skills and behaviors of child, and, identify family concerns, priorities and resources. Linked directly to HELP Strands.

HELP Charts 0-3  (order one per child)
Charts to share with parents for visualizing developmental skills and behaviors that may emerge at different stages.

HELP Checklist 0-3  (order one per child)
Alternative format to the Strands as a developmental behavior record for children developing without concerns or delays.

HELP Activity Guide 0-3  (order one per staff)
Child-centered activities linked to each HELP -0-3 skill.

HELP When the Parent has Disabilities  (order one per program if applicable)
HELP 0-2 curriculum activities adapted for parents who have disabilities. Linked to HELP skills

Best Beginnings Parent Handouts (2nd Edition)  (one per staff)
Binder of entirely new, warm, reproducible handouts that you use to provide effective guidance to parents of children birth-3 years.

*Recommended to use HELP 3-6 for on-going, family-centered, curriculum-based assessment:

* HELP 3-6 Assessment Manual (2nd Ed.)  (order one per staff)
Required Assessment manual.

* HELP 3-6 Assessment Strands (2nd Ed.)  (order one per child)
Developmental assessment record booklet.

* HELP 3-6 Activities at Home (2nd Ed.)  (one per 2-3 staff/classroom)
Warm, handouts for parents (binder of copyable Masters).

* HELP 3-6 Charts (2nd Ed.)  (order one per child)
Charts to share with parents for visualizing progress.

HELP 3-6 Checklist (2nd Ed.)  (order one per child)
Alternative format to the Strands; often used as an assessment record for children developing without delays.

HELP 3-6 Curriculum Guide (2nd Ed.)  (one per staff/classroom)
Child-centered activities linked to each HELP 3-6 skill.

BCP Assessment Record  (order one per child)
Developmental assessment record booklet.

BCP Instructional Activities  (order one per classroom)
Curriculum and activities.