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HELP: 3-6 For Head Start PCO

Head Start programs are required to demonstrate child progress towards Positive Child Outcomes (PCO) as the child approaches school readiness.

Head Start PCO can now be easily tracked and reported using a new, free correlation to HELP: 3-6 which is one of the most widely-used curriculum-based assessments.

HELP: 3-6 offers excellent ongoing recording of child progress, planning of "next steps", and curriculum associated with each skill for effective instruction and parent involvement.

Through the common Domain structure of HELP and PCO, VORT has "linked" HELP and Positive Child Outcomes into an easy-to-use Child Summary form.

As teachers and staff use HELP for everyday ongoing assessment and instruction, periodically during the year, they can use the HELP-PCO Child Summary, to maintain a record of how the child is progressing towards and achieving the Head Start Positive Child Outcomes.

Download FREE HELP-PCO Instructions (PDF file, 158k)

Download FREE HELP-PCO Sample Child Summary Form (PDF file, 173k)

Download FREE HELP-PCO Child Summary Form (PDF file, 26k)

• You may print and distribute only exact "hard" copies of the FREE downloads.
• The HELP-PCO correlation may Not be copied into a database or any form of computer program.
• The HELP: 3-6 materials and assessment forms may Not be copied and must be purchased from VORT.