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Verified HELP 0-3 Training (Virtual/Onsite)

VORT endorses only trainers who have been verified by VORT as "Verified HELP Trainers." These individuals provide accurate and compelling training and have gone through a rigorous screening process.

Important Note: It has come to our attention that some non-U.S. sources, some websites and some fee-based online courses are providing inaccuate information on the purpose and use of HELP. The only verified trainers are listed below (none outside the U.S.), and the only online course verified by VORT to be accurate and compelling is offered by the University of Kentucky. Please contact us if you are currently training teachers or therapists on HELP and would like to have your Powerpoint and other training materials reviewed and verified as accurate.

Following are our Verified HELP Trainers. Please email us for more information.

Amy Cocorikis -- (available nationally)
Child Development Specialist
National Verified HELP Trainer

Stephanie Parks Warshaw, M.A. -- (available in NJ, FL, Boston area)
HELP 0-3 Author

Some of the great feedback we have received from onsite trainings:
"This training was fantastic! It answered so many of our questions and provided ample opportunities to practice determining DALs. I would recommend this training to anyone wanting to learn how to administer or ensure that they are administering the HELP with fidelity!"
—EI Administrator

"I like that the presenter kept reminding us to look at the big picture and not just focus on numbers!"
—EHS Provider

"I felt like within the first 20 minutes of this training most of our group was blown away at how many “aha moments” we all had and some of us have been using the HELP for a long time!"
—EI Provider

"The group practice and discussion about why one person thought a certain way and another person thought differently. Breaking each example down and discussing why or why not and then looking at the Inside HELP manual."
—EI Provider

"Amy is great. She helped us collaborate and learn new concepts within EI and EHS programs."
—EI Administrator