Instructions (Videos)

Instructions: Videos are best viewed using a fast Web connection (Videos are "beta/draft").
A browser with QuickTime installed is required to view the videos on this page.
Click a Video Option below to go to the respective video. Click [Top] to return to this top of the page.
You need a live connection to the Web; depending on your connection speed, a video may be slow to load.

With Chrome, if you load this Instructions-Videos page, then exit, then return to this page, if the videos don’t play,
click the Chrome “re-load” button, then go back to Instructions-Videos. Also, you may see this bar at the top of the Chrome window—Click “Run this time” and then the X to close the bar:

On the bottom of each video segment is a Control Bar (tap/click in the video area to have the Control Bar appear).
Once the bar appears: (1) to >Start or ||Stop the video; (2) drag to a segment within the video; (3) to adjust the sound; (4) to see the video in full screen (laptop and desktop browsers only--press Esc to return to normal size).

You must be a beta user to view these videos. More BCP Online videos are coming

Video (Draft) Version 2.0 -- BCP Online
(3 minutes)

Video 1: (Draft) Using BCP Online
(7 minutes)

Video 7: Using Quick Entry (for assessment data)
(2 minutes)