Tips for Using BCP Online

Getting Started with BCP Online

1. Check Requirements2. Purchase Account3. Register Account
4. Learn the Interface5. Review Gear Options6. Practice Navigating
7. Crediting Behaviors/Skills8. Security / Edit Account9. Quick Entry
10. Using Search

1. Check Requirements [Top]

You must use only either Chrome or Safari Web browsers, or IE on Windows 10. BCP Online is designed for touch devices but works great both on non-touch desktop/laptop computers and on touch mobile devices. You need a live Internet connection. BCP Online securely stores data in the AWS Cloud consistent with standard industry practices.

Be sure to watch the Instructional videos under the Support tab, or under the Gear Menu see Learn More...

For improved security, BCP Online automatically times out your account after a certain period of inactivity. This requires that you Log In each time you use BCP Online. For convenience, but at your own option, see Step 8 (below) on how to turn off the Auto-Timeout option.

A. Non-Touch devices click your mouse button (in place of a Tap). Hold your mouse button down and drag your mouse (in place of a finger drag/swipe). The faster you “click your mouse and drag”, the faster the grid will scroll.

B. Touch devices (hold finger down) and drag (swipe) your finger across the grid cells. The faster you “swipe” your finger, the faster the grid will scroll.
  • Tap -vs- Click: In the following Getting Started instructions, “tap” and “click” are used interchangeably. For non-touch devices, replace “tap” with “click”. All buttons must be tapped or clicked. (e.g., when using BCP Online on a laptop or desktop computer, the Return key and scroll bars do not work). The grid scrolls in a synchronized manner that keeps the cells in alignment with respective column and row headers. Touching and dragging on the Strand column or the Age row will not move the cells.
  • Previous Data: If you begin using BCP Online the decision regarding whether or not to back-fill data on previous behaviors/skills is up to you. If you know the exact or approximate date that the individual achieved a skill and you want a comprehensive record of the individual’s development, BCP Online allows you to input data for previous assessments (see 9–Quick Entry).
Beta users skip to step 4.
If you have already purchased and registered your BCP Online account, skip to step 4.

2. Purchase an Account from the VORT website. [Top]

Be sure to first review the Use and Privacy Policies posted on the VORT website to make sure you are comfortable with the terms of service. All BCP Online information is transmitted encrypted and is stored on VORT’s secure servers. Your BCP Online account can be accessed anywhere and anytime—from Safari or Chrome browsers on your iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Nexus/Andoid devices, desktop/laptop computers.

3. Register your Account [Top]

A. Upon successful purchase, an Account Registration window will appear with your Name and Email completed.
B. Enter and Confirm your password (it is case sensitive).
C. Read the the Registered User Agreement (Hint: swipe up inside the Agreement window to see the entire Agreement)
D. If you accept the Terms, click the Accept checkmark.
E. Click/tap the Register button, and you will be taken directly into BCP Online, to the Grid.

4. Get familiar with the BCP Online interface (continue from here after you have successfully Registered) [Top]

A. The Grid, shows behaviors/skills arranged by rows (Strands) and by developmental sequence (1->50).
B. The Strands cells (blue), which contain the detailed information about Functional Outcomes, Identifying Behaviors, and the option for Quick Entry of data.
C. The Viewtracker window, which shows where within the Grid you are.
D. The Search box, where you can find a skill by the skill ID number (e.g., 06.23) or the strand (e.g., 06.).
E. The Name box, which shows the name of the student Selected—the individual whose developmental status is currently shown on the Grid. The box will show [Select a Student] or [No Student Selected] if you need to Select Student from the Gear.
Hint: For best results, when tapping/clicking on a button or cell, click/tap “on” the actual text.

5. Review the Gear Options under (tap the Gear and tap to select an option) [Top]

  • Select Student: to view an individual’s data in the Grid and Reports.
  • Select Report: to select. view, email, or print the individual’s Credit/Status Reports.
  • Summarize Progress: to get a color-coded Summary of the individual’s credit status/progress (“Learning Map”).
  • Edit Account: to change your account information, including Auto-Timeout.
  • Getting Started-Tips: Important detailed tips and video instructions on Getting Started and using BCP Online
  • Credit Codes: the colors associated with each Credit Code.
  • Safety Tips: printable list of safety tips for parents.
  • Terms of Use: the conditions and terms you have agreed to in using BCP Online.
  • Sign Out: to leave/close BCP Online (for the best security).
Note: For the best security, BCP Online automatically logs you out of your account after a certain period of inactivity (Auto-Timeout).
Under Gear > Edit Account you can turn Auto-Timeout “Off” or back “On.”
Observe the security note under Edit Account before turning Auto-Timeout Off.

6. Practice Navigating [Top]

A. Scroll the grid: The grid scrolls in a synchronized manner to keep the skills aligned with both the respective column (age) and row (strands). Scroll using only the skill cells, not the column and row headers.
Touch device: The grid will scroll faster the faster you swipe your finger.
Non-Touch devices, such as your desktop browser: Click and hold your mouse button down and drag your mouse.
Use the Search box: to go directly to a skill or strand in the grid, enter the number in the Search box and press/tap Return (e.g., Skill ID number 06.12 or Strand Number 06.).

B. Tap the skill text and the skill’s Details window will open. Tap on the Behaviors tab to enter credits for the student. Tap on the Activities tab to see suggested instructional activities.

7. Crediting Behaviors/Skills [Top]

A. With a Student Selected, Tap a cell and the detailed information for that skill will appear.
B. Tap the “+” button on the right side of the header to add a Credit Status on that skill for your individual (for existing Status entries, tap the arrow (->) to the right of the Status to edit or delete that Credit Status).
C. Click the Progress row (C1) to open the Credit Status selection window and select the appropriate credit/status.
D. Set the Date by clicking on the Date row (D1) and select the date from the calendar wheel (D2). Note, the date defaults to your computer/device’s current date.
E. Enter any Comments; e.g., a developmental observation you want to record.
F. Be sure to Click the “Done/Save” button to Save this entry.

Note: You can make as many Status entries as you want. The entries are sorted in the Status screen with most recent at the top, and the most recent determines the color of the skill cell.

8. Security / Viewing Other Information [Top]

All BCP Online data is securely stored on the Amazon (AWS) Cloud consistent with standard industry practices. In addition, all data transmitted from your computer/device to the database is HTTPS encrypted, and further, individual/name data is stored encrypted in the AWS database. For added security, you need only complete the fields flagged with *.

Account Security/Auto-Timeout (A): Account security is critical. It is recommended that you set/use the security/password “key/lock” on all your mobile devices. BCP Online uses an Auto-Timeout method to automatically Log Out of your BCP Online account after a brief period of time (inactivity). You can see the settings for Auto-Timeout under the “Edit Account” option. The default for Auto-Timeout is On (green), meaning your account will automatically log out after a certain period of inactivity. You can, at your option and with full responsibility for your action, turn Auto-Timeout Off by sliding the switch to the left Off position (gray).

Important: If, for example, you turn Auto-Timeout Off and do not have a lock on your mobile device or a password on your desktop computer, your BCP Online account will have no protection and will be open to anyone who might have access to your mobile device or desktop browser. If you turn Off the automatic Timeout, if will be off for all devices and browsers that you use, so be careful and make sure you understand that if, for example, you turn Auto-Timeout off from your Safari desktop browser and you have BCP Online loaded in Safari on your iPad, if someone then uses your iPad they can access your BCP Online account because Timeout would no longer be in effect. You are responsible for safeguarding the password that you use to access the BCP Online services and for any activities or actions under your password. We encourage you to use “strong” passwords with your account. VORT cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with these requirements and suggestions.

Account Renewal (C): BCP Online will keep track of your subscription and automatically send you renewal reminders as your subscription Renewal Date approaches. The annual renewal fee to maintain your account will be minor (TBA).

9. Quick Entry / Recording skills data (history) [Top]

Quick Entry facilitates adding skill credits directly from the printed HELP Strands. Quick entries are added to (do not replace) existing Status entries (to see/change/delete all Status history/Comments, tap/click the skill cell directly from the Grid).

Quick Entry is Strand-based; the format mimics the HELP Strands booklet. To use Quick Entry, tap/click on a Strand (row header--blue cell) on the BCP Online Grid, and then tap/click on the right-most tab (QEntry). This brings up a a caveat page on which you can click on the “here” link to access the Quick Entry Form (see screen shot below) that lets you more rapidly enter data for the individual on that Strand as an alternative to the Grid/cell method to add a credit status.

See Video #8 to use the Quick Entry Form.

Important Quick Entry Notes (refer to the image below):
1. Enter a date for a skill, and the date on the Date Wheel will remain set to that date until you enter a different date. This makes it faster to make multiple entries.
2. The “Date” defaults to today’s date. Select the Date field to change a date using the Date Wheel. Thereafter, for speed entry, to apply that new date to other skills: 1) tap/click a skill’s respective Date field, 2) tap/click Done on the Date Wheel.
3. For each skill on which you want to enter a credit, tap/click the appropriate Credit value checkmark.
4. Enter both a date and checkmark for a skill in order for that skill entry to be saved when you tap/click the Save button.
5. If a skill has a prior credit, the skill background color indicates the prior credit; prior Comments are not shown.
6. When done, click Save to save your entries, or Cancel to leave Quick Entry without recording any of your entries.
7. Tap/click on the center of a checkmark (if you tap/click too low and inadvertantly touch the Comments area, on a mobile device the “keyboard” may open because a Comment entry is expected).

10. Using Search [Top]

If you want to quickly get to (jump to) a Skill or a Strand without scrolling the Grid, when the Grid is showing, enter the Skill ID (e.g., 05.10) or the Strand number (e.g., 05.) in the Search box (in the upper left corner). Press “Return” to start the search (note: this is the only place in BCP Online where Return is applicable). Search will take you directly to the respective skill or strand in the grid. Tap or click to see the details.