From our Beta users

“BCP Online provides a district-wide alternative formative assessment for students who require a modified curriculum. It helps ensure that all students are being assessed in line with our expectations for all students. Staff have embedded its use as part of their instructional cycle.
We haven't found anything else that works for us the way BCP does. It has allowed us to formalize and systematize our alternative formative assessment to improve consistency across classrooms and schools. I would recommend the use of BCP to my colleagues in the field.”
  —Noelle Converse, Special Education Director, Granite School District

“The Behavioral Characteristics Progression (BCP) is a tool that I use to assess skills that students with significant cognitive and physical disabilities might be able to perform. It provides a scope and sequence for student progression. I use it as a means to align with the Utah Standards, the Essential Elements, and create meaningful IEP goals.”
  —Secondary Teacher

“I want to let you know about my experience using the BCP this year. My students are young multiply disabled students. Due to their disabilities, progress is slow. In the past, it has been challenging to document the students' progress. BCP is a tool that in most cases has steps that are small enough that progress can be documented. During IEP meetings, the BCP is a helpful tool in discussing student progress with parents. The parent are especially interested in seeing the progress from year to year. The BCP component that graphs the results is the most informative for the families. While I use the BCP mostly as an assessment tool, I have also used emerging skills as IEP goals. While not perfect, the BCP is the best assessment tool I have used. The online version is easy to use and I prefer it over the hard copy version.”
  —Elementary Teacher

“I have used BCP with my students for over 10 years. It has enabled me to accurately assess where my students currently are at in a wide variety of academic, functional, social, and behavioral skills. The educational strands along with the companion instructional activity manual has allowed me to teach my lower functioning students when the various curriculums I have been provided over the years have not contained the content needed to support my students in math, reading, science, and writing. I have enjoyed using the new digital version of the BCP as well. Now I can access information from a variety of locations/devices to present at meetings to provide current, up to the minute, progress reports for parents on the daily living/functional skills that are being taught at school. It has been a great tool over the years and has helped my students to grow in areas where they needed it the most.”
  —Elementary Teacher

“I am a teacher of students with severe, multiple disabilities. Because student progress often occurs incrementally and over extended periods of time, more often than not, it is difficult to measure and quantify. I have used many assessments, but the BCP is by far the most comprehensive and meaningful. It provides teachers with a means to measure observable behaviors over time in multiple areas: academic, functional life skills, self-regulation, and gross and fine motor skill. In addition, the BCP provides instructional activities designed to improve student functioning in all assessed areas. Most importantly, I use the assessment to write IEPs that accurately reflect a student's current level functioning.”
  —Special Ed Teacher