Shortcuts for using BCP Online in Safari on your iPad or iPhone

If you launch BCP Online in Safari on your iPad or iPhone it may not take advantage of the full screen (due to the extra headers that Safari normally displays).

To get BCP Online to look and feel and behave just like a native iTunes App (use the full iPad or iPhone screen), you can create a special BCP Online icon on the iPad or iPhone Home as follows:

1. Launch Safari on your iPad.
Enter this exact URL:
Tap Go.

2. The BCP Online Log In screen will appear within Safari.
Don't log in!
Tap the square (2) with the curved arrow (at the top of the screen).
This will bring up the 8 options shown below.
Tap "Add to Home Screen" (3).

3. On the "Add to Home" window that appears, tap the keyboard backspace button to change the name to BCP Online.
Tap the Add button (5).

4. This will take you back to your Home screen.
Find the "BCP Online" icon on your Home screen and tap it to launch BCP Online.
That's it.

5. Thereafter you do Not need to repeat steps 1-4.
Just tap the BCP Online icon to launch BCP Online.

This will open BCP Online in a full window on your iPad (or iPhone).
Log In.
BCP Online is the equivalent of, and will now function exactly like an iTunes App.