Key Reminders

• For best performance using mobile devices, the minimum recommended devices are:
  * iPhone 5S (or later)
  * iPad Air (or later)
  * Android devices with dual- or quad-cores
(purchased after June, 2013)
  * Windows 7, 8, or 10 tablets with dual- or quad-cores (purchased after June, 2013).

• Use only Safari or Chrome browsers on the above devices.

• A stable live connection to the Internet is required.

• Be sure to tap or click on buttons. Return and Tab keys don't work (Return works only when using the Search box). Swipe your finger or click/drag your mouse to scroll (there are no scrollbars).

• Change your password often [Gear / Edit Account]. A password must be at least 8 characters, with at least one upper- and one lower-case character and one number, e.g., busStop8.

• Refer to the Tips and Support tabs (FAQs, Videos) for additional information. Contact your Coordinator with questions/suggestions.

Thank you for using BCP Online!