Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Reminder: Check the Updates page for any Known Issues/Bugs.

1. How much will a BCP Online account/subscription cost?
This is a beta. Pricing and launch date are still to be determined.

2. What computer/device can I use to access BCP Online?
BCP Online works only in Safari or Chrome browsers on your desktop/laptop computers or your mobile device (see Key Reminders for minimum recommended device).

3. BCP Online seems to work somewhat differently than my normal desktop browser. Why?
BCP Online is designed for “touch” devices (e.g., iPad) but also works great in Chrome and Safari Web browsers on desktop and laptop computers (sorry, not in IE or FireFox). The difference is that touch devices don't usually have Return or Tab keys or scroll bars. Don't try to use the Return or Tab keys with BCP Online on your desktop or laptop browser (Safari or Chrome)—instead, always use a “mouse click” on buttons, and a “hold mouse button down and drag” to scroll. For example, once the BCP Online grid is visible, click down with your mouse button anywhere in the grid, and while holding your button down, drag your mouse (then release your mouse button). You will see that you have scrolled the grid.

4. Where is BCP Online data stored?
Data is transmitted securely via HTTPS and is stored encrypted on VORT's Amazon (AWS) secure servers consistent with industry standard practices. This lets you access your BCP Online account from a variety of devices/computers from anywhere at anytime, and if your device is lost or erased, BCP Online data is not lost.

5. How do I do fast entry of skill data or fill in previous skills?
See Step 9 under the Tips tab on how to do Quick Entry of individual data
  • If you begin using BCP Online when the individual is a little older, the decision regarding whether or not to fill in previous skills is up to you. If you know the exact or approximate date that the individual achieved a skill and you want a comprehensive record of the individual’s development, BCP Online allows you to input previous dates.
  • If you enter dates of previous skills, the skill cell will turn to the appropriate color and all reports will contain comprehensive information as entered.
  • If you do not enter status or dates for previous skills: (1) the skill cell will remain white on the grid, (2) the previous skills will not appear on Reports, (3) Reports for the individual’s current age will be complete and accurate as these reports only contain information for the individual’s current age.

    6. Why does loading a page or individual data seem sometimes sluggish?
    BCP Online stores data in the Cloud (remote servers). Transmitting this data can take time, for example, if your web connection is slow or spotty (e.g., just 1 or 2 bars on your 3G connection), loading of BCP Online can seem slow. On a wired connection, with moderately fast speeds, BCP Online screens load in usually less than a second. If there is a delay, you will see a gray transparent box on your screen with Loading... (individual data, reports, etc.)

    7. Why does clicking/tapping on a cell or button sometimes not seem to work immediately?
    For best results, when tapping/clicking on a button or cell, tap/click “on” the actual text. Sometimes tappping/clicking in “white space” takes extra taps/clicks.

    8. How can I get BCP Online in Safari on my iPad or iPhone to fill the entire screen?
    Easy—just see our Device Shortcuts page.

    9. Sometimes the Grid does not fully show on my iPad1?
    On an iPad1, if some or a partial number of cells show, this is a speed loading issue with the iPad1. Simply “finger swipe” anywhere on the Grid and it will immediately and fully appear.

    10. How can I maximize the display of BCP Online on my Kindle Fire screen?
    Easy—just tap on this lower right corner icon in the Kindle Fire Silk browser to display BCP Online full size. Then "reload" the BCP Online URL to have the BCP Online viewport fill out the screen.

    11. What do I do if BCP Online seems to freeze or I get a blank screen?
    • Make sure you have a live Internet connection. With slower connections (or older devices), if the screen does not repaint completely, swipe or tap the screen to complete the loading.
    • Make sure you are not trying to use BCP Online in Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox—that is the most common cause of a “blank” screen. BCP Online works on desktop and laptop computers only in Safari or Chrome.
    • Check our Updates page for any Known Issues. If, in the unlikely event the database is not available, a connection to BCP Online would temporarily not be available which might result in a blank screen.