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What Users are saying:
“BCP Online provides a district-wide alternative formative assessment for students who require a modified curriculum. It helps ensure that all students are being assessed in line with our expectations for all students. Staff have embedded its use as part of their instructional cycle.
We haven't found anything else that works for us the way BCP does. It has allowed us to formalize and systematize our alternative formative assessment to improve consistency across classrooms and schools. I would recommend the use of BCP to my colleagues in the field.”
  —Noelle Converse, Special Education Director, Granite School District

“The Behavioral Characteristics Progression (BCP) is a tool that I use to assess skills that students with significant cognitive and physical disabilities might be able to perform. It provides a scope and sequence for student progression. I use it as a means to align with the Utah Standards, the Essential Elements, and create meaningful IEP goals.”
  —Secondary Teacher