BCP Online — the digital Behavioral Characeristics Progression

BCP Online is currently available for beta-test.
Please make sure that BCP content is appropriate for your program by first
ordering the BCP in print form. To inquire about using BCP Online, please click here.

Subscribing to BCP Online:

Features and Benefits of the Read-Only version: Single user

  • Intended for the single practioner/professional (without tracking child progress data)
  • Provides fingertip, instant viewing of all the BCP content
  • Displays all 2,100 BCP skills by Strand in developmental sequence as a scrolling Chart
  • Provides Printing of Instructinal Activities
  • Lets you rapidly Search / jump between HELP skills

Features and Benefits of the Tracking version: Single and Multiple users

Same as the Read-Only version, Plus:
  • Provides fingertip recording of individual child credit / mastery on each skill
  • Allows multiple staff to access/share individual child progress recording for true collaboration
  • Provides basis for improved inter-rater reliability and assessment consistency across staff
  • Provides Printing and Emailing of reports; effective for IFSPs or IEPs
  • Provides reporting of staff comments across all reports for a child
  • An administrator is required for multiple-staff accounts.
Before placing Your Order:
• Click here to learn more/watch a BCP Online video.
• Review the Subscription Details and be sure you are comfortable with our Terms of Use .

Step 1: Select Version
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Step 2: Click "Add to Cart" to Purchase your BCP Online account
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Step 3: Check your email for instructions to Register your BCP Online account

Step 4: Log In at the window that appears after you Register