One of the original and most widely-used curriculum-based assessments (CBA)

About BCP Online

The BCP (Behavioral Characteristics Progression) is one of the original criterion-referenced (curriculum-based) assessments used by Special Education programs. As a curriculum-based assessment, it is used for identifying needs, tracking growth and development, and determining “next steps” (target objectives). It offers play-based activities and strategies for each behavior/skill.

Covering developmental ages 1 to 14 years, the BCP's practical format helps with planning IEPs and communicating with parents. The BCP covers 2,300 developmentally skills/behaviors that are grouped into 56 Strands. The BCP Online Grid shows each of the 56 strands with the strand's skills going developmentally left-to-right. Identifying Behaviors are included for each Strand to help you screen and select Strands. Use the Grid to enter/record skill mastery and dates, and identify target objectives. As you credit a student on a behavior/skill, the respective color on the Grid shows the status/progress. The BCP focuses on the entire individual, covering six domains of development and building on strengths and providing activities for working on specific needs.

Each BCP skill has a unique ID number (e.g., 01.01) for easy cross-reference and searching.

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BCP Online is built on the Kontinuums platform from SurfWax, Inc.